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MFV Expositions “Know Before You Go” Guide

For over three decades, MFV Expositions has been bringing the franchise world together by producing the industry’s biggest and best-attended trade shows. Each of our high-quality conferences presents franchise ownership candidates with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with executives from hundreds of different franchise brands. In addition, franchisors from every industry and investment level who exhibit at any of our U.S. or international events have a golden opportunity to share the intimate details of their successful business models with their most desired target audience – future franchisees.

At MFV Expositions, we know that attending one of our best-in-class expos is an investment for potential franchisees. Knowing this, we’ve decided to put together the following “Know Before You Go” guide, a comprehensive look at how to get the very most out of your experience. Ultimately, this is an informative checklist that we’ve split into three sections: pre-show, onsite, and post-show. We invite you to review this guide if you’re planning on attending any of our 2024 events. And should you have questions, you can always reach out to an MFV Expositions representative for answers.



The following points are designed to help you select the right MFV Exposition event, and how to prepare for attending:



  • Once you’ve decided on a specific expo, make your travel arrangements well in advance, including flights, hotel, and rental cars.
  • Once you’ve selected a specific show for attending in person, you’ll want to review the expo’s agenda of events, seminars, panels, meet and greets, and discussions
    • Highlight specific items of interest and begin creating your own personal “run of show”
  • On each specific expo page (see hyperlinks above), review the list of exhibitors who will be attending the show. You’ll find the specific franchisors slated to attend, as well as franchise-related vendors, suppliers and consultants – all of whom can help you make informed decisions about your entrepreneurial future
    • For any franchise brands you intend to target, be sure to check out their franchising website ahead of time. You’ll want to record information such as the brand’s background, fees, and financial requirements. Only choose franchisors that are in your specific price range
    • Develop a list of specific questions for each franchisor on your preferred visit list. You’ll want to make your visits with their brand representatives as productive as possible
  • Be sure to download the specific expo’s mobile app, which will be instrumental in helping you navigate the exhibitor floor
  • As you prepare to depart for your expo of choice, be sure to spend some time and effort selecting the appropriate attire. It’s highly recommended that you choose business casual attire at minimum, as you’ll want to look your best in front of the franchise brand executives. Always remember – while you’re sizing them up for a fit, they’ll be doing the same with you


The following points are designed to help you navigate your way through the MFV Expositions event you’ve chosen, and how to get the most out of your onsite experience:


  • By now, your travel arrangements should have you in the host city, with lodging and transportation handled. Prior to attending the trade show on day one, be sure to review the personal “run of show” you’ve put together.
  • If you’ve downloaded the specific show’s mobile app, be sure to have your registration confirmation (QR Code) available for scanning on your smartphone. Or you can print out a copy of your registration receipt and present it at the expo entrance
  • On your way in, pick up a copy of the trade show guide and take a moment to familiarize yourself with the floorplan and layout. Double check the list of exhibitors, as well as the scheduled events you’ve selected to attend
  • Walk the full exhibitor floor at least once (“make a lap”) and jot down any notes of interest
  • Be on time to attend all pre-planned panels, discussions, or seminars
    • Take lots of notes on the information presented. You never know when something of interest will come up that can be of great benefit to you
  • Make your pre-planned rounds in visiting the franchisors you’ve preselected for consideration
    • Introduce yourself to the franchisor’s brand representatives and obtain business cards
    • Go over the list of preselected questions you’ve developed for each franchisor
      • Take detailed notes on what is communicated to you during your visits
  • Be cognizant of your time and make sure you meet all of your preplanned appointments
    • Allow some extra time to visit brands you may not have initially considered
Upon the conclusion of each day, review all of the materials you’ve gathered and organize your information so that you can follow up at a later date and time
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