MARCH 18-19 2022

Franchise Expo West 

Why Exhibit?

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Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at Franchise Expo West

Exhibiting at Franchise Expo West

Franchise Expo West will connect existing franchisors and industry suppliers with new franchisee and master licensee prospects. 

Why Franchise Expo West?

  • Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the United States behind Houston TX, making Phoenix the largest state capital by population.
  • Phoenix has the 4th highest economic growth and population growth rate in the United States outpacing that of California.
  • Phoenix provides access to a variety of major markets as the gateway to the western United States.    
  • Phoenix ​is emerging as a renowned entrepreneur hub with the escalating growth of local business incubators and accelerators.
  • National attention is focusing on the Phoenix region as a result of several successful busineses who have caused various funding sources to explore the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. 


Franchise Expo West features established franchises offering businesses at investment ranges from $10,000 to more than $1 Million. Your Franchise Development Team will meet thousands of the best candidates in the greater Phoenix area over the three day event.  

Exposure & Lead Generation

Exposure:  Engage with visitors pre-show, onsite and post-show through our marketing vehicles, including exhibiting, digital and print marketing, enhanced sponsorships, and pre-setting of appointments.

Generate New Leads: Thousands of qualified candidates will attend Franchise Expo West in search of the opportunity to be new franchisees, master franchisees, area developers, multi-unit owners, and more. Engage face-to-face and digitally with these prospects and increase your footprint and revenues.

Networking & Launches

Connect with Candidates: Franchise Expo West offers your franchise the opportunity to meet, entertain and bond with existing and prospective candidates. Utilize our complimentary guest program to engage with current and future prospects throughout your sales funnel.

New Product Launches: Company launches, new product launches, press releases and new initiatives all get more exposure and reach through the the Franchise Expo's highly targeted network of global attendees, partners, speakers, sponsors and associations.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power

22% of visitors plan on investing $50,000 - $99,999 in a franchise

25% of visitors plan on investing $100,000 - $499,999 in a franchise

4% of visitors plan on investing $500,000 - $599,999 in a franchise

3% of visitors plan on investing $1M+ in a franchise

Engaged Entrepreneurs

Engaged Entrepreneurs

68% of visitors have owned a business

47% of attendees spend an average of one full day at the expo

Ready to Commit

Ready to Commit

44% of attendees had a conversation with one or more franchise brands before attending the event

31% plan to invest in a franchise within 0-6 months

36%plan to invest in a franchise within 6-12 months

Press, Media Coverage and Partnerships

Franchise Expo West is featured in many publications including Entrepreneur Media, Franchising World, Franchise Times, Global Franchise Magazine, Franchising USA, Franchise Dictionary and more. In addition to extensive social media campaigns and coverage on local radio and television, Franchise Expo West partners with many national and local organizations like the US Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Centers, and Commerce Chambers. 






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