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The California Franchise Investment Law (beginning at Section 31000 of the California Corporations Code) (CFIL) generally requires franchisors to register a franchise disclosure document with, and obtain approval by, the California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (Department) before offering and selling franchises in California. Franchisors attending the Franchise Expo West must obtain approval of franchise registration from the Department prior to the Franchise Expo West to exhibit at the tradeshow.  (There are limited exemptions under the CFIL. See Sections 31100 - 31109.1 of the CFIL.)

Applications must be received by the Department by no later than February 23, 2024, to be prioritized.  For any applications received after that date, the Department may not be able to review and approve the application prior to the Franchise Expo West.  Applications that are not complete or are materially deficient may not be prioritized and may not be approved prior to the Franchise Expo West.

To apply for franchise registration under the CFIL, review the detailed information on how to file on the Department’s website.  List of filing requirements and examples are provided.  Contact your legal counsel with questions.

* MFV Expositions and the International Franchise Association have no responsibility for and cannot assist you with franchise registration filings for California. This information is provided for informational purposes so that you understand that there is a filing requirement in California and where to find information about the required filing. This is not legal advice. MFV Expositions and the International Franchise Association do not guarantee that applications sent to the Department will be reviewed and approved by the Department in advance of Franchise Expo West. A refund of the exhibitor fee paid to MFV Expositions will be issued to you only if the comments received from the Department require revisions to your franchise disclosure document that are infeasible or cannot be made prior to Franchise Expo West.

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