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If you're looking for no-nonsense, cut-to-the-quick, how to evaluate franchises so that I can buy one that's right for me . . . this is the workshop you need. This is the perfect workshop for people who are just getting started with their research, as well as those who are close to making a decision to buy a franchise.


This workshop is ideal for business owners interested in franchising or those trying to determine if franchising is a legitimate growth option. It will help business owners understand whether their business is franchisable, franchising versus alternative growth strategies, the process of franchising, legal requirements, quality control, franchise best practices, costs, and potential returns.

* additional workshop fee required

The topics for Franchise Your Business will be:

The Decision to Franchise

◦ How Franchising Works

◦ Alternatives

◦ Quality Control

◦ Legal Aspects of Franchising

Marketing Your Franchise

◦ Start locally, then regionally

◦ Don’t expand faster than your support capability

Selling Your Franchise

◦ Unique process unlike any other sales

◦ Predictability

Creating a Successful Franchise Strategy

◦ Structural Decisions

◦ Financial

◦ Organizational Development

The topics for A to Z's of Buying a Franchise will be:

Focus on YOU

◦ Do you plan to work alone or with others?

◦ How do you want to spend the next 10, 20 or more years of your life?

The Disclosure Document

◦ Includes 21 Items

How much money can I make?

◦ Fees, bargains, is it justifiable?

Where and how to ask for help?

◦ Consult your advisors with caution