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15 Mar 2024

Top Restaurant Franchises to Invest In

Food franchises are among the most diverse and successful franchises in the world. They come in a wide range of sizes, cuisines, dietary preferences, and business models. Buying a restaurant franchise is a solid investment, with a great chance for success and growth. However, it’s important to consider restaurant franchise opportunities that have an edge that will help them stand out in their markets. Let’s take a look at where the restaurant franchise industry is today, who’s leading the race, and what to look for when choosing the right franchise for you.

The Restaurant Industry Today

Franchises have a significant presence in the U.S. economy, and restaurant franchises contribute greatly to that presence. According to market analyst company IBISWorld, as of January 2024, chain restaurants, which includes franchises, generated $227.6 billion in revenue, with 139,000 businesses in the U.S. market. Market projections forecast chain restaurants will experience growth from 2024 to 2029; this makes the current market a good one for entrepreneurs looking for good conditions to grow a business and their market presence.

Top Franchise Contenders

Franchises are numerous and diverse in many industries, and restaurants are no exception; so much so that an enterprising businessperson may feel spoiled for choice. We at MFV Expositions are dedicated to helping businesspeople like you get the information you need and make the connections you’re looking for to find the best franchise opportunities. Here are a few prime candidates for aspiring franchisees that want to open a restaurant:

  • Charleys Cheesesteaks & Wings – a Columbus, Ohio-based cheesesteak franchise dedicated to “exceptional food, exceptional customer service, and community.”
  • Nathan’s Famous – an NYC-based hot dog franchise that can trace its roots all the way back to Coney Island.
  • Ori’Zabas’ Scratch Mexican Grill – an Englewood, Colo.-based Mexican cuisine franchise that strives to “give customers crave-worthy foods that surpass fast foods of other restaurants.”
  • Zaxby’s – an Athens, Ga.-based chicken franchise that specializes in chicken strips with sauce, as well as wings, sandwiches, and salads, dedicated to serving food “in a fun, offbeat atmosphere where customers are considered friends.”
  • PrimoHoagies – A Westville, N.J-based hoagie franchise that features a broad sandwich menu, priding itself on “serving the highest quality Thumann’s meats and cheeses, sliced fresh, piled high, on their award-winning seeded bread.”

Guiding Trends in Restaurants

As you search for the right franchise for you, it’s important to consider long-term viability. Good franchises keep track of customer preferences and industry trends that can affect customers’ purchasing decisions. In the restaurant industry, some of the most future-defining trends we’ve seen going on today include the following:

  • Diverse menus, including plant-based alternatives, health-conscious dishes, unique flavor choices, and sustainably grown/raised/harvested foods.
  • Innovative technology and business practices, like ordering kiosks, online delivery menus, and ghost kitchens.
  • Community engagement, such as local event sponsorship and charity participation.

An enterprising, ambitious franchisee like you can do well with a restaurant franchise. The market looks promising for the near future, brands are adapting with customer expectations, and there are plenty of models and cuisines from which to choose. Finding the right franchise for you is only a matter of doing your homework and due diligence, something that we at MFV Expositions are happy to help with.

Find a Great Franchise with MFV

We’re eager to see you find the franchise you’ve been searching for, and we’re happy to offer our 32+ years of experience bringing the franchising world together to help you make the connections you need. Our franchise shows are a great place to meet with franchisors and fellow franchisees, as well as attend presentations by industry experts on new developments and more. Get attendee info today on the next MFV Expo near you.
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