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Veterans are Good for Franchising and Franchising is Good for Veterans

19 Mar 2022
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Although veterans make up about 7% of the population, they make up 14% of all franchisees in America. Why? Because veterans come to the table with all the tools they need to become business owners. The skills attained the military, including leadership, discipline, and teamwork, are the same that make successful entrepreneurs. And, as we know, franchising allows veterans to go into business with the backing of a proven business model and a team of support. Did you know that 99% of franchisors think that veterans are a good fit as employees within their company? Did you know that 97% of franchisors say that veterans make excellent franchisees? Or that 70% of franchises have brought on a veteran franchisee in the last year? Join us for franchising wide insights from veterans on how what they learned in the military leads to franchising success AND how franchising has become their new call to service as business and community leaders.