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Angel Spa Franchise Inc.

Booth: 218
  • Beauty Products & Skin Care
  • Clothing, Apparel and Services
  • Fitness
  • Hair & Beauty Salons & Services
  • Health Aids & Services
  • Spas: Day & Medical
  • $100,000 - $499,999
  • non-IFA Member
Angel Spa Franchise Inc.

 By joining Angel Spa, you will have the privilege of accessing the highest level of luxury fashion designed by the incomparable Love Angel. With her unmatched skills and innovative vision for new designs, you will be able to offer your clients a truly unique and sophisticated experience.

We are committed to ensuring our customers the best quality service with the highest standards in the wellness industry. If you have a passion for relaxation and rejuvenation, come showcase your skills and become a part of something revolutionary in the industry. Join us at Angel Spa and become a part of a world where luxury meets innovation. 



United States
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Contact Exhibitor

  • Angels Spa has a strong social media presence with the Miss Angel Spa contest, Luxury Fashion Design, Talk Show Appearances, and Book Signing Events that draw a lot of awareness and set them apart fro ...
  • The Miss Angel Spa Contest is a unique opportunity for the spa to search for talented therapists who are hardworking and a passion for well-being and luxury fashion. The contest helps to identify indi ...
  • "The Miss Angel Spa Contest is on a global search for talented, hard-working individuals with great personalities to join the team at Angel Spa. By joining Angel Spa, you will have the privilege of ac ...
  • Terry has been a loyal customer of Angel Spa since the very beginning and frequents the spa for its top-quality service. His testimony is proof of the success of repeat customers, who not only contrib ...
  • Franchisee testimonials are crucial in showcasing the success and satisfaction of owning a franchise. Thao Le, a former franchisee of Angel Spa, decided to join the franchise after working closely wit ...
  • At Angel Spa, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality service that sets us apart from the competition. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail ensure that every customer receives the ...
  • Ricky Evan is a dedicated firefighter who comes to Angel Spa for relaxation and pain relief after long, strenuous days of saving people. He selflessly serves others throughout the day, and we are hono ...
  • Rex Caldwell has been a VIP member of Angel Spa since 2004. He was involved in a motorcycle accident at a racing event. Thanks for the superior quality massage service exclusively offered at Angel Spa ...
  • Angel Spa Talk Show on VFTV. Angel Spa focuses on the massage services that effectively alleviate physical and mental pain. It has become the most popular and in-demand service worldwide, establishing ...
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