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30 Mar 2023
Room N221A

Ever wonder why people do what they do, and not necessarily what you want them to do? Ever wonder why some people “get it” and others don’t? Regardless of how much explanation you provide, or how much training you do, some people just don’t seem to understand, and they become unintentional misfits in your organization, whether they are members of your franchise leadership team, or your franchisee network. “What’s wrong with them?” we hear leaders ask. Chances are, nothing’s wrong with them other than their role in your organization. In another capacity, they may be mavens instead of misfits. Global Polls conducted by Gallup say that only 15% of people are engaged at work! And three of four small business employers say they have hired the wrong person for a job! (Imagine how many franchisors would say they awarded the wrong person a franchise!). And how costly are these mistakes? Much of the disappointment leaders encounter with others can be avoided by a better understanding of our personality profiles. Who you hire (or select as a franchisee) is just as important as how you and other members of your leadership team interact with them. No two people are the same. Our personality DNA is unique! How you lead with your personality impacts the people you lead whether they are employees or franchisees. Not everyone’s going to get along or engage in their work, but you will be more effective if you understand how leading with your personality impacts people. Attend this session and gain tangible information about how to lead more effectively with your personality. 

Workshop led by Dr. John P. Hayes, CFE, Titus Chair for Franchise Leadership, and a business professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Dr. Hayes helps franchise corporate teams and franchisees better understand their unique personalities and how they can use their personality strengths to lead more effectively. 

3 CFE Education Credits - $399 



John Hayes - Titus Center for Franchising, Palm Beach Atlantic University