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CFE SPECIAL SESSION: Level UP! Leadership. Influence. Legacy

07 Sep 2023
Room 203

No matter where we are in life or business, there are three givens: (1) We are leading those who follow us; (2) We are influencing those who relate to us; and (3) We are building a legacy for which we will be known/remembered.  Utilizing John Maxwell's best seller, "The 5 Levels of Leadership", this half-day workshop will provide insight and help participants to understand the various leadership levels, identify their current sphere of influence, and incorporate key principles into their daily routine to gain trust, increase leadership status, and build a strong legacy.

This course provides tangible information about:
*Moving from title to influence
*Building consensus
*Creating a collaborative environment
*Strengthening leadership

CFE program participation is not required in order to register and attend this session; This session is open to anyone interested in professional development courses/workshops in franchising!

3 CFE Education Credits
Price: $399