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The Condo Buyers

Booth: 736
  • | non-IFA Member
  • | Real Estate Services
  • | $100,000 - $499,999
The Condo Buyers

At The Condo Buyers, we specialize in the strategic acquisition, resale, and occasional renovation of condominiums. Originally started in 2012, we've honed a successful formula for the acquisition and resale of condos, further empowered by our proprietary lead generation. Considering that there are approximately 17 million condos in the United States alone, our distinct expertise and targeted approach position us uniquely within this flourishing market. As a franchisee, you'll gain exclusive access to our proven business model and brand, supported by comprehensive training covering all aspects of the condo flipping process.


200 Knuth Rd.
Suite 101
Boynton Beach
United States
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