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15 Aug 2023

How to MASTER Turning IDEAS Into ACTION | with Richard B. Alman

Join me and Richard B. Alman, and learn about RICHARD’s INNOVATIVE STORY as we dig into how he turned IDEAS into ACTION. Richard has an impressive story that goes BEYOND entrepreneurship. In this episode, we discuss what qualities define a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ETHICAL AND RELIABLE, and how to overcome OBSTACLES along the way. We also talk about the importance of education, and how we can help the youth develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and teach them the skills and confidence needed to create their own opportunities. Additionally, we speak about some of Richard’s latest projects intended to change the energy and water systems worldwide by bringing clean energy, fresh water and 100% organic food to every community and town in unlimited quantities and affordable prices. We also learn about his passion for creating and writing many projects for television, movies, and streaming services. It’s a jammed back episode, one you won't want to miss!