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History of SMAT Franchise

This story starts in 2007 when Bary El-Yacoubi was a personal trainer at one of those large “big box” gyms in the Washington DC metro area. Within the first two months, he sold the 2nd most amount of personal training programs out of all of the company’s east coast locations. But oftentimes clients cancelled their personal training sessions at the last minute. The reasons varied from “I was stuck at work” to “traffic was just too bad” and everything in between. Bary knew these were people serious about becoming healthy and losing weight, but getting to their appointments on a regular basis proved difficult with their busy schedules. Bary offered to come to them and suddenly everything fell into place. The convenience of in-home personal training allowed them to be consistent and ultimately achieve their results sooner. At about this time, Muhssin El-Yacoubi was completing his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University with a specialization in entrepreneurship. Seeing the momentum that Bary was having with in-home training, Muhssin decided to work on a business plan as part of a class project. At that point in 2007, the first version of our business was born, called Bounce Fitness.