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06 Sep 2022

Sociallybuzz Launches MetAiBlock, the First-Ever Metaverse, A.I. and Blockchain Agency

MIAMI – July 3, 2022 – Sociallybuzz is excited to announce the launch of its new metaverse agency, MetAiBlock. This innovative agency is the first of its kind and will show brands how to start, scale and define their purpose in the new digital frontier.


As businesses strive to find new ways to engage customers and create memorable experiences, many are turning to emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to change the way we interact with the world around us, and they come with new dimensions of possibilities. 


To help businesses navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, MetAiBlock has assembled a team of the brightest minds in AR, VR, MR, artificial intelligence, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With more than a decade of experience in cutting-edge technology solutions, their team is well-positioned to help brands bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. By leveraging the team's deep understanding of these technologies, the company can help businesses create immersive experiences that will delight customers and drive results.


MetAiBlock (Metaverse + Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain) helps franchises build, market, monetize and connect their brand to audiences across the metaverse. With MetAiBlock, businesses can have a stronger presence in the global market, and customers can have a more immersive experience with brands they love.


Through the blockchain, MetAiBlock helps customers unlock NFTs, creating personalization and loyalty. The MetAiBlock collective was created to build a trusted and safe virtual ecosystem and community for brands and their customers.


MetAiBlock understands that to stay competitive, businesses need to be present in both the physical and virtual worlds. Its services offer multiple options that can help businesses to achieve this, including driving traffic from virtual stores to physical stores and vice versa, exposing brands to a larger audience, and developing deep social engagement with customers through artificial intelligence. They are present where customers are already shopping, playing and working in the virtual world.


MetAiBlock was launched at the International Franchise Expo held in New York on June 3, 2022. At the launch, the MetAiBlock team took a sold-out audience on a virtual office tour and a tour of the metaverse world using the Facebook Oculus, something that had never been done before.


Sociallybuzz founder and CEO Andre Kay said, "We believe the new digital frontier unites humanity. We aim to accomplish this by connecting the physical world to the virtual digital world, integrating social, commercial and machine learning capabilities for consumers and brands."


The company also launched the Franchise Funverse Metaverse world inside Meta's Horizon World. A first of its kind, the Franchise Funverse offers users an unprecedented virtual experience with endless possibilities and adventures. Through the Franchise Funverse, users can socialize, play games and interact with other members in ways never before possible. With its launch, the company has taken a major step forward in fulfilling its mission to bring people together in new and innovative ways.


Rich, the CEO of Get A Drip, an international I.V. Vitamin Drips, DNA and testing franchise, stated, “I was really excited when I saw there was a metaverse talk at the International Franchise Expo by MetAiBlock and had to go. The talk gave much more clarity on ways to enter the metaverse with stores, meetings, NFTs, franchise agreements, utilities for clients and so on. After having a go inside the Franchise Funverse world with the Meta Oculus I was sold on what MetAiBlock has to offer and we are now all excited about the huge potential it has and knowing our path forward.”


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About Andre Kay

Andre Kay is a husband, father, author, investor and successful tech and marketing entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Sociallybuzz, the first Social Media Management Agency to exist worldwide. Andre bootstrapped Sociallybuzz from a small social media "do it for you" company to a nationally recognized social media marketing agency and software company. He eventually grew the company to over eight figures. Under his leadership, Sociallybuzz was named one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America by Entrepreneur magazine and one of the top social media agencies for franchises. He's successfully worked with brands such as Domino's, Jamba Juice, TGI Fridays, Papa John's, Golden Krust, PJ's Coffee, etc., leading campaigns that generated millions of dollars in sales.


About Charles Smart/Co-Founder of MetAiBlock

Charles Smart’s professional pursuits and personal passions have led him down an unlikely 20-year path intertwining technology, marketing, international trade, art and philanthropy. It continues to allow him to innovate for Fortune 500 companies at all levels across disparate industries, helping them to make more informed decisions, monetize their data assets and reduce risk and scale.


About MetAiBlock

MetAiBlock is short for Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We immerse your brand into the limitless possibilities of the new digital frontier. MetAiBlock will show you how to start, scale and define your brand’s purpose. MetAiBlock is a collective of Technologies, Expertise, Strategies and Thought Leadership.