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17 Aug 2022

Perspire Sauna Studio Doubles Down on the Treasure Valley with New 2-Unit Deal

Costa Mesa, CA (August 16, 2022) – Perspire Sauna Studio, one of the nation’s fastest-growing infrared and red-light therapy (RLT) sauna franchise brands, is preparing to expand its market presence in the Boise area following the finalization of signed agreements for two new locations in Boise and Meridian, respectively. This most recent deal stems from the success of Idaho’s first Perspire Sauna Studio location in Eagle, which opened its doors in November of 2021 under the ownership of Brian and Nina Whalen, whom possess the strong desire to make the franchise brand and its wellness-centric services available to more residents throughout the region.

Former residents of Orange County, California, the Whalen family experienced the powerful healing benefits of red-light therapy treatment first-hand as clients. A reality Nina credits for helping progress her recovery from personal health issues. And which inspired them both to make the move to Boise, Idaho in an effort to bring Perspire’s holistic approach and healing properties to an untapped market in need.

“From an outsider’s perspective, Idaho might not come across as a state that’s primed for investment in the wellness space,” said Brian Whalen. “In actuality, the Treasure Valley culture views outdoor activities and reconnecting with the outside world to be crucial to the fabric of what makes the area so unique. Which has helped our sauna studios tremendously in establishing a foothold with locals looking to supplement their already active lifestyles.”

Despite straining financial pressures and inflationary concerns permeating into the daily lives of most Americans, the majority of men and women throughout the country have proven an intent to maintain some semblance of their wellness routine. Whether that’s meant cutting back on unnecessary membership packages or exploring cheaper alternatives, the rapid growth of the Perspire Sauna Studio franchise has been indicative of more families and individuals turning to the brand for their wellness needs than ever before.

“This is a pivotal time for our franchise opportunity as the concept continues to make its first foray into previously unaffiliated states and territories,” said Lee Braun, Founder/CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. “What’s equally significant in that process is ensuring the success of existing franchisees, as many will prove instrumental in amassing more Perspire locations and strengthening our presence in locales around the nation. Brian and Nina’s success has shown just that.”

Perspire Sauna Studio is currently seeking single-unit and multi-unit franchisees interested in new career opportunities or those looking to diversify their current portfolios. Combined with the 46 franchises awarded year to date, Perspire has awarded 100 franchise agreements with 25 studios currently open.

To learn more about Perspire Sauna Studio and franchising opportunities, please visit

About Perspire Sauna Studio

Perspire Sauna Studio is the fastest-growing infrared sauna and red light therapy franchise in the U.S. The science-based, technology-driven, and wellness-seeking company provides guests a modern-day experience to a centuries-old practice, allowing their body and mind to feel refreshed after each session. Founded and led by CEO Lee Braun, Perspire's goal is to expand to major markets throughout the U.S. to further instill its vision of making infrared wellness accessible to all. The franchise having just recently awarded its 100th franchise agreement for future Perspire studios.

Founded in 2010 and based in Southern California, Perspire Sauna Studio currently offers franchise opportunities to qualifying entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit, and follow the brand on social media @perspiresaunastudio.