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Grain & Berry Press Release

Grain & Berry Press Release

Ever curious about where your food is sourced from? Unlike many other players in the health food realm, Grain and Berry stands out from the competition by providing only the freshest ingredients. Unlike many others, Grain and Berry ethically sources their acai directly from Brazil. Acai is known for its high antioxidant content, but is also chocked full of other nutrients, loaded with healthy fats, and low in sugar.

Grain and Berry creates tasty choices for vegetarian, paleo, vegan, dairy free and gluten free. The great flavor of popular grains and fruits make the heaping bowls a customer favorite for all ages.

This has been especially important at a time when more people are concerned with health, wellness, and stronger immunity. Natural grains, fruits, and superfoods provide far more of the vitamins and nutrients bodies need to stay strong and resist illness.

"People are learning they can eat delicious meals and snacks while having more energy, slimming down, and benefiting their heart. Plus, the bowls are just plain good!" Kirsten Lang of Grain & Berry said.

Serving everything from delicious acai bowls to fresh juices, and the newest handcrafted creation of healthy cauliflower and broccoli crust flatbreads and quesadillas. It is the perfect place for health conscious, vegetarian, vegan, and dietary restricted patrons to eat. All of their items are handcrafted right in front of the customer and free of additives. Grain & Berry’s innovative menu both surprises and satisfies with beautiful, plant-based products that look amazing and taste even better.

The restaurant chain has numerous popular locations in Tampa, Orlando, and Key West areas, as well as Nashville, TN. They are looking for franchisees interested in opening new locations throughout Florida.

Learn more, see the bowls, find nearby locations at Interested franchisees are encouraged to go to to inquire about new locations in Florida.