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03 Jun 2022

California infrared therapy franchise expanding to NJ

abrielle Saulsbery
June 3, 2022 7:47 am

Southern California-based has signed agreements for 39 new studios in 2022, thus far. – PERSPIRE SAUNA STUDIO

Southern California-based infrared and red light therapy franchise Perspire Sauna Studio has its sights set on New Jersey and New York City development.

News of the planned expansion was made public at the International Franchise Expo Conference in New York City on June 1.

Perspire Sauna Studio has experienced rapid growth in the last year as the pandemic renewed a nationwide focus on individual self-care and wellness. The brand has signed agreements for 39 new studios in 2022, thus far.

“With a rapidly-growing demand for infrared therapy, Perspire Sauna Studio is ready to further expand in the Northeast,” says Lee Braun, founder and CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. “In areas like New York City and New Jersey, residents already have a thirst for wellness and a commitment to their personal health goals. Our mission is to offer the best technology, resources and expertise for any new franchisee that comes on board. Our brand continues to grow and thrive due to our wonderful team of like-minded, health-conscious studio owners.”

Perspire Sauna Studio is currently seeking single-unit and multiunit franchisees. The brand has 23 studios currently up and running, and its 24th location will open its doors this weekend in Santa Monica.