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Hair Parra

Hair Parra

Senior Vice President of International Operations and Development, Captain D’s LLC

Mr. Hair Parra became Captain D’s Senior Vice President of International Operations and Development in 2024. He was former Fat Brands International Franchise Development in 2020-2024. Before that, from 2017-2020, he was the former COO of Wing Zone in Atlanta, Georgia. From 2017 to 2009, there was a V.P. of International Development at Wing Zone in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a veteran professional with combined expertise in Domestic and International business with over 38 years of experience in restaurant operations, training, franchise consulting, Master Franchisee, and market development Worldwide.

Hair Parra started his career in the food industry in 1984 as a Driver with Domino’s Pizza Inc. and quickly worked his way up to a Divisional V.P. for Latin America. He helped others positions before taking over the Continent: Divisional Vice President – Latin America, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Japan, and Europe; Franchise Operations Director Latin America and Mexico; Franchise Operations Director Central America; Operations Director Honduras, Development South Florida, and Corporate Area Supervisor (U.S.). He was a Master Franchisee for Domino’s Pizza in Brazil, put together all International Department to launch Papa John’s Globally, created a new Italian concept, as a consultant helped to develop new concepts Domestic and International and took Benihana Franchise to USA, Saudi Arabia and into the Latin American Market. 

Hair Parra and his wife Ivone live in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida; they have two sons, Ivan and David.