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Diana Simmons

Diana Simmons

Co-Founder & CEO , Simply Cabinetry

Diana Simmons is the co-founder and CEO of Simply Cabinetry, a company she established with her husband in 2010. Their entrepreneurial journey began years earlier, doing cabinetry work on investment properties and from their own garage. A licensed Realtor with a passion for real estate and franchising, Diana obtained a CFE certification to better understand and expand her business through franchising. As a mother of three boys, Diana infuses her work with the same energy and dedication she brings to her family life. Her approach to business and life is deeply influenced by her parents: her mother's flair for design and her father's prowess in sales. Known for her optimistic outlook, Diana’s personal slogan is, “Work is what you make it, let’s make it awesome!” Whether it’s enhancing the heart of someone’s home or empowering their career, she is committed to making a positive impact. A former basketball team captain, Diana treasures the teamwork and community spirit she learned on the court, qualities she integrates into her leadership style. Her goal is not just to succeed in business, but to help others find their passion and succeed alongside her.