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Maji Curry

Booth: 504
  • | non-IFA Member
  • | Japan Pavilion
  • | Food: Restaurants
  • | Food: Specialty
Maji Curry

Maji Curry Story:
Maji Curry has managed to win the most prestigious award, the Kanda Curry Grand Prix in 2018 and 2023. They came out victorious beating 400 competitors in the curry category. 

The story of Maji Curry begins with dozens of spices, a housemade blend of ingredients and 100 hours of simmering at the central kitchen to make the perfect curry roux. Maji Curry, Irvine (in California), the first store in the US opened this year and became an immediate success.

Achievements & Awards:
2018 – Maji Curry wins the Kanda Grand Prix for the first time
2023 – Maji Curry wins the Kanda Grand Prix for the second time
Maji Curry Thailand earns 4.6 stars on Google reviews


5-11-1 Kishibe-Kita
Suita City
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  • Maji Curry won top orize primarily due to its curry sauce. However, a variety of toppings is another fun for guests. Hamburger curry is also a menu menu everybody loves. Beef patti isn't like the one ...
  • Maji Curry, despite its rather short history, has alreqady won Kanda Curry Tournament twice. Kanda Tournament is one of the most prestiguos curry torunaments held every year in Japan. Maji Curry compe ...
  • Creamy cheese over curry & rice has been always the best seller at all locations. It's so unique and tastes great. It ooks great, too!
  • Maji Curry sotre is always busiy with customers of all generations, but partiuclarly popular among students and those of btween 20's and 40's.


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