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16 May 2024

Angel Spa-The Best Massage Destination on Earth (R)

Angel Spa Franchise Inc.
Angel Spa was established in 2006 by Linda Angel aka Love Angel, with the vision of becoming a global leader in the spa industry and expanding franchising globally I would just like to share with you a little bit about my background, so you have an understanding of my intentions. I am an American foreign immigrant from Vietnam who spent 7 years in a refugee camp as a little girl before coming to America. I moved to California with my parents in 1998. My family started over in a new beginning, facing challenges and uncertainties. I found myself struggling with the new language taking on many part-time jobs to make ends meet. Despite the difficulties, I was determined to build a better life for myself. I began learning different skills, from nursing to cosmetology to massage therapy. I took on three jobs and went to school full time to finish out high school completion, along with taking English classes, and spending 4 years in nursing practitioner courses. While studying to be a nurse, I had a true ambition to help people. I also went to a cosmetology beauty school, finishing one thousand hours of training to become a cosmetologist. I also started in the massage industry as one of my part-time jobs to provide money to help my family ,I found my passion in massage therapy. While working as a masseuse, I came to understand how much it helped people with their ailments. I went to massage School for an additional 1000 hours to become an expert in using massage therapy, hoping to help others find relief from their physical and mental stresses. I chose to pursue a career in massage therapy instead of nursing because I believe in the power of using massage as a form of therapy to treat people for pain relief before it escalates into more serious health issues. As a nurse, I would be assisting individuals who are already sick, whereas working as a massage technician allows me to help people avoid unnecessary health issues that could easily be resolved through massage treatment. I am passionate about promoting overall wellness and preventative care through the healing benefits of massage therapy. After 15 years of hard work and dedication, Angel Spa's business became known for its trademark and slogan, "Helping society, one massage at a time." I was dedicated to creating job opportunities for others and providing a safe space for people to relax and heal. Through my work, I helped countless individuals find relief and live happier, healthier lives. The business grew steadily, and I decided to franchise my brand, expanding its reach and impact. My journey from a young immigrant struggling to become a successful business owner with a vision of becoming the global leader in the spa industry and community leader was a testament to the power of determination and hard work. Millions of people worldwide are suffering from wars, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and depression, and many others have already died from a lack of food, water, and proper healthcare. However, the biggest problems in humanity are still suffering from physical pains, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, addictions, obesity, and mental stress. While charity is certainly important and can provide temporary relief to those in need, however, charity alone is not sufficient to help people who require ongoing financial assistance. It is crucial to address the root causes of their financial struggles and find sustainable solutions. What People truly need are reliable jobs and steady income, sufficient therapy for physical and mental health issues with affordable rates, and early treatment is necessary for a higher chance of recovery. o help society with knowledge and mental stress relief, I have dedicated myself to writing books aimed at educating the younger generation for a better life. Additionally, I am hosting a talk show on my YouTube channel in hopes of reaching out and providing support to those who are struggling with mental stress, especially stemming from issues such as bad relationships, broken families, and divorce. Through my work, I aim to offer guidance and understanding on how to navigate these challenges and ultimately find healing and peace. I am also studying ways to help society lower the risk of divorce by creating new wedding vows that promote stronger and more enduring marriages, with the hope of keeping relationships lasting and fulfilling for all involved. I also authorize many of the greatest books called “Love Like an Angel”, “Purpose of Life.”, and The Right Choice in Marriage. My books are currently selling on all major bookstores internationally and also available on Amazon for purchase. My books are not just reality stories and visionary ideas but powerful tools that aim to encourage global leaders and readers to inspire positive change, embracing peace, love, and happiness within each person. I am deeply passionate about giving back to society through love, peace, and happiness with all my work. My ultimate goal is to stop wars, eliminate slave labor, create job opportunities, reduce the unemployment rate, generate revenue, and boost the international economy.
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