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12 May 2023

About Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh Booth: 1028
About Meet Fresh
High-quality grass Jelly & taro balls are what differentiate us from other dessert shops.

About Meet Fresh

Founded in Taiwan in 2007, Meet Fresh believes that serving the best tasting desserts with authenticity and sincerity is the key to customer satisfaction. After establishing its first US location in Irvine, California in 2014, the company has gradually expanded its operations and now operates 40 locations nationally.

The team continues to import ingredients from Taiwan to create fresh, authentic, and high-quality Taiwanese desserts. Meet Fresh’s strong commitment to serving local Taiwanese tastes at an international level with their investment in their central kitchen has garnered their growth into an international brand with a mission to share their authentic desserts globally.


For more information, visit Meet Fresh’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Wechat at @MeetFreshUSA

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