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What we do at Modern Business Associates, Inc. (MBA) is solve problems.  We solve problems in the areas of human resources; the tasks related to having employees, including workers’ comp, risk, employee benefits and payroll.

Most likely you didn't go into business to manage these HR tasks. Yet chances are, if you’re a typical business owner, too much of your valuable time is spent on these non-revenue generating chores. Every day, MBA helps business owners, like you, focus on what you do best, while we take care of the HR and employee-related “stuff”. 

MBA’s scalable, customized technology-based services are designed to flex and grow with you as your business grows. This includes access to our team of licensed employment and labor law attorneys who offer you a level of expertise which would be cost-prohibitive or even impossible for you to otherwise obtain.  One of our greatest measures of success is your success. 

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