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Mel Kleiman
Founder, Humetrics

Competition is tougher than ever and that’s exactly why you need to find the one thing that your competition doesn’t have – superior employees! After all, the quality of the people you hire determines the quality of service you can deliver. When you hire mediocre employees, you have a mediocre business. The most successful business, no matter the industry, realize that good is no longer good enough when it comes to hiring. In order to get and stay ahead, you have to have great employees. 
Mel Kleiman has helped hundreds of companies overcome their hiring challenges and gain an advantage over the competition. He has counseled hundreds of businesses and thousands of managers over the years on how to build a Magnetic Company that attracts and retains the best hourly employees who, in turn, help attract and retain the best customers.  

More than 35 years ago, Mel founded Humetrics, a training and consulting organization specializing in recruiting, hiring and retaining the hourly workforce. Mel addresses the ongoing challenges that face organizations by providing pragmatic take-home solutions that  managers can implement immediately. Mel Kleiman and Humetrics provide consulting services, workshops, and keynote presentations designed to recruit the best employees, reduce costly employee turnover and increase retention in order to dramatically and positively affect the bottom line. 

Mel is a regular columnist for several business magazines and has had articles published in hundreds of human resource magazines and trade journals. His books include the bestselling Hire Tough, Manage Easy – How to Find and Hire the Best Hourly Employees; The 5 Firsts: A Simple System to On-board, Engage, and Retain Top Talent; 100+1 Top Tips, Tools & Techniques to Attract & Recruit Top Talent; 267 Hire Tough Proven Interview Questions; So, You Got the Job… Now What? A member of both the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Speakers Association, Kleiman also holds the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation. 

Contact Number: (713) 771-4401 

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