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Bob McDevitt
CFE,Senior Vice President, Franchise Development

Bob McDevitt has over 40 years marketing and operations experience with top restaurant brands including Pizza Hut, Tony Roma's, Arby's and Golden Corral.

For more than 20 years, Bob has been a Senior Vice President at Golden Corral, a $1.8 billion, national buffet and grill restaurant. He joined Golden Corral in 1994 as Senior Vice President of Marketing, and in 2004 was promoted to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Golden Corral Franchising Corporation responsible for Franchise Operations, Franchise Sales, and Quality Assurance. During his years with Golden Corral, he played an integral part in executing a total re-positioning of the brand from family steakhouse to the leading buffet restaurant in America. Bob retired from active operations management in 2014 and currently focuses on domestic and international development.

Bob also lends his expertise in the franchise community by serving on the Board of Directors of the International Franchise Association, and works within the franchise community to educate, support and foster growth for franchisors and franchisees.

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