Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots

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    $100,000 - $400,000
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    Home Based Franchises, Kiosk Franchises, Food Franchises, Business Opportunities, Women's Franchise, Franchising, Ice Cream/Ices Franchises, Specialty Franchises, Multi-unit Franchise Opportunities
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The Company

Dippin' Dots has been the leader in beaded ice cream for 25 years and is a household name with over 5.2 million Facebook fans. Dippin' Dots is made from fresh dairy ingredients flavored with a variety of fun, fruity, enticing and exotic flavors. It is flash frozen and stored at -40 below zero, making it the coolest and freshest ice cream around. Dippin’ Dots is also the parent company of Doc Popcorn, the largest franchised retailer of fresh-popped popcorn in the world, and offers an attractive dual-brand franchise opportunity.

The Industry

Consumers spent $374 billion on snack foods between 2013 and 2014, according to Nielsen. The American market alone was predicted to hit $47.5 billion last year.   In addition, Technomic reported that snacking consumption has accelerated in the last several years, with consumers replacing meals with several snacks in a day. Particularly, younger consumers are driving "away-from-home" snacking, with 40% of these diners’ snacks consumed away from the home. While consumers continue to look for healthier snack options both inside and outside of the home, consumers in all segments still look to indulgence, particularly when outside of the home. 

Franchise Opportunities:  Dippin’ Dots & Dual Brand with Doc Popcorn

About Dippin' Dots

The Dippin' Dots Franchise Territory model consists of three ways to generate sales saturating an entire market in retail venues which include: Dippin' Dots Franchise Territory model consists of three ways to generate sales (something few other businesses can claim) saturating an entire market in retail venues which shall include:

1) Pre-packaged ice cream sales to local businesses and schools through a delivery route
2) Event sales at fairs and festivals and through fundraising organizations
3) Retail cart sales at high traffic shopping centers and other venues

Dippin' Dots are cold, delicious beads of ice cream fun that are easy to transport. There is no need for expensive ice cream machines."We make the ice cream, YOU make the FUN!".

About Dippin' Dots Franchise Opportunity

We have small freezers, tents and carts that make it easy to sell at fun centers, sports venues, hotels, shops, convenience stores, school events and other high traffic locations.

Dippin' Dots will provide complete operational training and marketing support, regional field support and company support. 

Dual Brand Opportunity

In addition to our traditional franchise opportunity, Dippin’ Dots also offers a dual brand franchise option with our sister company, Doc Popcorn.  Doc Popcorn is the largest franchised retailer of fresh-popped kettle-cooked popcorn in the world, and is on trend as a better-for-you snack with allergen friendly flavors as a gluten-free snack.  In fact 4 billion gallons of popcorn are consumed every year in America.  
With the dual concept opportunity, you are able to 
  • maintain simplicity and fun while season-proofing your business
  • capture different target markets with a wider portfolio of sweet and savory products, including a gift platform
  • share rent and staff in the same square footage 
  • unparalleled support from a cross-brand team to get you popping and scooping quickly 
  • several co-brand options for high-traffic venues including in-line store fronts and kiosks.

Qualified candidates interested in the dual brand opportunity will be offered a 25% discounted rate off of each brand's franchise fee if consummated at the same time.





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